Cauce Ciudadano


///This piece was completed through a 5 week workshop at Cauce Ciudadano, an organization that works to diminish gang violence through the arts in Mexico City. The workshop provided a space for staff and youth to discuss social issues and create critical responses and solutions through imagery. As our group gained a focus on ecological issues, we found that these issues were attributed to a history of exploitation of natural resources and greed that perpetuates poverty and inequality.

Part of our workshop was to imagine what equality can look like. The group imagined equality to come from a collective valuing of the emotional and the natural. Something that westernization has been able to separate in order to perpetuate itself through objectification and exploitation. By understanding the connection between our hearts and our minds, we could create more respect of our earth and resources, and have more empathy towards ourselves and others. This humanity towards the planet and each other would help cultivate an ecosystem which could in turn provide us all with equal access to its resources. 

Image made by Armando Chikiri, Miguel Chikilin, Andres Boira y Nancy Guevara.

///Pocos explotan el mundo por su codicia, apoderándose de todo, extrayendo recursos en cantidades que el planeta no tiene capacidad y no puede remplazar, dejando a los demás los sobrantes y creando desigualdad. Sembrar respeto, amor, y vida conectado con la conciencia y sentido de la justicia, genera humanidad qué dará frutos que caerán sobre nosotros de forma equitativa.

Imagen hecha por Armando Chikiri, Miguel Chikilin, Andres Boira y Nancy Guevara como parte del taller Imaginando Equidad de Cauce Ciudadano